UBI Marketplace


Device: Progressive mobile app
Time spent: approx. 3 weeks

My Role

UX Designer


Sketching, Sketch, Axure, & Marvel

UX Process

The first part of this project was spent doing extensive research which included: market research, user interviews, user research, persona creation, competitive and comparative analysis, experience mapping, information architecture, and sketching.

After the research phase, I began the design process which included: wireframing, prototyping, visual design, user testing/feedback, and more sketching.

The Challenge

Design a fun car insurance marketplace for millennial drivers based on their driving habits.

Many people find that searching for car insurance can be an unpleasant experience. Even when we find an insurance policy we are okay with, it is difficult to know what exactly we are paying for. Millennials think it is unfair for insurance companies to make them pay a higher premium because of outside circumstances (i.e. age, driving history). Usage-based insurance is a way for millennials to be in control of how much they pay, however, insurance companies are doing a mediocre job marketing usage-based insurance to everyone.


UBI Marketplace is an app that helps drivers choose the best car insurance in a seamless and digestible user interface. It is the only car insurance marketplace that compares usage-based pricing as well as traditional insurance prices when generating quotes.


I referenced my personas throughout the entire process. Meet Elle and Andrew.

Competitive analysis

These are the leading car insurance marketplaces and an analysis of their pros and cons.

Comparative analysis

A comparative analysis was performed to see how UBI Marketplace could differentiate from their competition.

Market Research Highlights

Telematics powered usage-based insurance is gaining a lot of traction and it is now easier for insurance companies to roll out telematics products. But understanding car insurance is still very complicated, let alone understanding usage-based car insurance.

The market opportunity: There is a significant gap between the estimated demand for commercial UBI and current enrollment rates for small business fleets. Research has shown that there is a huge potential with in-car connectivity not only for B2C but also for B2B. Currently, there is no single player that is dominating the telematics market, so this app will be successful in bringing awareness about telematics and usage-based insurance.


Sketches were great for quick ideation, annotations, and paper prototyping.

Experience Mapping

This was a journey map on steroids where I collaborated with others to identify different stages, objectives, behaviors, feelings, as well as business views and things that the competition is doing well in.


The wireframes helped me communicate my thoughts and ideas to the rest of the team. I annotated my wireframes in Axure.

Visual design

CREDIT: I chose several of Hanni's icons in the creation of this app from his Android M GUI UI Kit. It is pretty amazing.

Clickable prototype

I used several prototyping tools throughout this project: POP, Axure, UX Pin, Invision, and Adobe XD. My favorite was Marvelapp for the final designs.

Thanks for your time!