Golf Swing Framer


Device: iOS mobile app
Time spent: approx. 2 weeks

My Role

UX Researcher & UX Designer


Sketch & Marvel


Golf Swing Framer is a self-teach golf app for golf enthusiasts and anyone looking to learn how to play golf. Golf Swing Framer allows the user to upload a video of his/her swing and compare it with the swing of a professional golfer. This product has been designed for iOS.

The Story

I grew up playing a lot of golf. My dad and I would go to the golf range every day after school and wake up early to play rounds over the weekends.  Eventually, I was good enough to play at the amateur and collegiate level. The game of golf has taught me valuable life lessons that I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience.

But something was bothering me…

The Problem

I found there were two main issues that kept millennials from the game of golf. 

  1. Affordability - Many millennials have a hard time justifying spending up to hundreds of dollars on golf lessons.
  2. Frustration due to Mind Clutter - Research has found that humans are only able to process a limited amount of information at once time. For those avid golfers, it is frustrating trying to remember the abundance of golf advice floating around in their heads.

So, I decided to perform research to try to solve this problem.

Research Process

I invited two millennials with varying golf skill levels to Top Golf with me to begin my research process. What was incredible was how in less than one hour of learning by imitating Johnny’s swing, Dami, who has never played golf before was able to swing her club and hit her golf ball to the target several times. This event initiated the beginning of conceptualizing Golf Swing Framer.

User Research | Survey Results

  • Age Demographics: 66.67% were 21-29 years old & 33.33% were 30-39 years old
  • 80% were interested in learning golf
  • 80% wanted to share their swing on social media if their swing looked up-to-par
  • When asked: What motivates you to play golf?
    53.85% said golf looks fun | 46.08% said for social reasons

Competitive Analysis

1. Zepp
Pros: Great visual design and intuitive app
Cons: Must buy Zepp gadget in order to use app

2. Uart Golf
Pros: Includes lessons
Cons: Must download swing videos to phone, and beginners are confused when asked to draw circles and lines on their golf swing

3. V1 Golf
Pros: Marketed as the best golf swing app in the market
Cons: Not user friendly for beginners who have little to no prior exposure to golf.


I had a friend a friend take a video of my golf swing. I wanted to compare my swing to Rory McIlroy's swing.

And then I thought...
How will my app differentiate from other apps?


How this works is: There are seven possible points for each of the seven frames as seen below. I will give myself 1 point here because I believe my swing matches with Rory's swing in this frame.

Sketching & Low Fidelity Wireframing

Personally, I am a very visual thinker and found it very helpful to quickly sketch out my ideas on paper without any constraints.

My sketches turned into low fidelity wireframes on paper, and I was able to conduct user testing and receive user feedback early on in the design process. Not only is this method cost effective, it is very time efficient as well.

Paper Prototyping

I let users show me how they might use the app. Once I was confident with the information I learned from my users began having fun designing high-fidelity mockups.

Visual Design

The colors for my app design came from The Golf Channel. I used photoshop to edit the photos of the golf professionals, which were also taken from their website.

The Solution

Golf Swing Framer provides golfers of any skill level the ability to intuitively compare their golf swings with any golf professional and learn how to swing a club. The share feature will allow golfers to post their progress on social media and hopefully, grow the game of golf again.